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Tile, Glass, and Mixed Media Mosaic Artwork; Private, Commercial, and Public Mosaic Projects. TileMosaicGirl, local Superhero, is here to help YOU learn all you can about mosaics, and not the way she did; you will learn without all the trial and error she went through, because YOU will have learned from her mistakes! Follow her adventures here and learn some great tips!
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    scrn shot CMA featured artist

    I’m so excited! I’ve been chosen as the Featured Artist for the week of May 24-30, 2014 on Contemporary Mosaic Art – CMA, which is an international group of mosaic artists who “want to share ideas, develop their technique, creativity, and imagination.” Are you a mosaic artist and not a CMA member? It is SUCH a great site; brimming with tips, techniques, resources, information, photos, etc.!Membership is limited to mosaic artists only; message me and I can give you a referral to get signed up!  CMA is mainly an online community, but they also hold gatherings at the annual national American mosaic conference (SAMA), international mosaic conferences, and they are even adding a ‘CMA (mosaic) Summit’ this October in Ashland, Oregon!

    scrn shot CMA FB feat artist edited jpg

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    My Accepted Design Proposal for "Tails of the Painted Cats"

    Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were great! As I write this, I am off on vacation until Feb. 5th, so i wanted to get the website updated and let you know that I won’t be available by phone, email, or Facebook during that time. “Talk” to you when I get back!

    Now…on to “What’s up in the Mosaic World?”…


    After a wonderful year in my Glendale “Workshops” building space, I have decided that it would be best for me to eliminate the costs of rent, etc. and move my operations to a more cost-effective but larger (!) space in the West Lakewood area, allowing me to keep costs low and be more accessible for open studio time and the Mosaic Supply Shop. I hope that this will work for you and that I can continue to have your support at this new location. I will provide the address and directions if you are coming to a class, open studio time, or the Mosaic Supply Shop.


    2013 will bring many ongoing and new classes here at TileMosaicGirl. We’ll be starting off the year with a much-awaited “Beginner’s Mosaics” class; two Sundays; March 17 & 24 from 1:00-4:30 pm each day. Cost is $75 for the class, with a $25 required kit fee. The class is set up now for online registration and space is always limited, as I limit the number of students to (6) for plenty of individual attention. For more information or to register, go to:

    I have not set dates and times for classes following the move and the Beginner’s class, but I would love to hear from you about what classes you are anxious to take and see next in the lineup: Tempered “Crash” Glass Mosaics, Mosaic Jewelry, European Ceramic Tile Mosaics, Making a Mosaic Table, Continuing Mosaics, Outdoor/Garden Mosaics, etc, etc. Please contact me with which ones you’re especially interested in, and in what order!


    Come on over and get your hands on all the supplies you need to get started on your mosaic projects for the New Year! I’ve got a bunch of different grout colors in stock, as well as NEW and re-stocked colorants and European ceramic tiles, and lots and lots of tesserae and mosaic jewelry supplies! Contact me after Feb. 5th to schedule a time to come by the Glendale location in Februrary or the new Lakewood location starting the 2nd week of March! I can almost guarantee you that my supplies are less expensive, available in lower quantities with no order minimum, and incur no shipping costs if you shop in person, vs. online and/or with local mosaic and craft suppliers!


    As always, if you can do it, I absolutely recommend going to the annual national mosaic conference, put on by SAMA; the Society of American Mosaic Artists. This year, it’s in April in Tacoma, WA, by the amazing (I’ve heard!) Museum of Glass. For more information, see: www.americanmosaics.org

    I’m pleased to share that there is an incredible opportunity to train with a nationally known mosaic/mixed media artist right here in our own backyard! Laurie Beth Zuckerman is a phenomenal artist whose work concentrates heavily on fantastic mosaic “memory jars” and elaborate mixed media altars, including those featured at this year’s El Dia de Los Muertos exhibition at the Longmont Museum of Art. I first became enamored with Laurie’s art through her work in the books “Art Making and Studio Spaces” and “Art Making, Collections, and Obsessions” by Lynne Perrella.
    Another fantastic mosaic artist, Susan Wechsler, will be hosting a weekend “Memory Jug Workshop” with Laurie at Susan’s studio South of Longmont. Susan has a great space, where you can see lots of her amazing work up-close and personal. The workshop is February 16-17 and I will be going. Come join me and others for a great weekend! For more info., see: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-FlHHR-XZz-I/UNIlaoHiVkI/AAAAAAAADEs/MJVJ2-ZpDzs/s1600/Memory+Jug+WORKSHOP+2013.jpg


    Keep making those mosaics and honing your skills and put some in a show or exhibit to show them off this year! One exhibit you might want to keep on your future calendar will be a regional mosaic exhibition from Colorado Mosaic Artists. This will be a “juried” exhibition (which means you’ll have to enter your pieces and see if they are accepted), but it is fairly low-cost and should receive some good exposure. I’m not sure of the location, but I do know it is scheduled for September-November, so I would think the application deadline might be at least by July 1st, if not earlier. I will pass on more info. as soon as I receive it.

    To find out about other local and national shows and exhibits, I recommend getting on the mailing lists of:

    And http://denverarts.org/subscribe/subone/subscribe/241


    I may or may not have shared much yet in regard to my participation in the Cat Care Society’s “Tails of the Painted Cats” event. My design for a “Frida Kat-Lo” cat was accepted among the 21 other finalists to design larger-than-life size fiberglass cats, in the same way that “Cow Parade” or horses or pigs or buffalo have been featured in other events throughout the country. This will be the third year for this hugely popular Denver event which tours the cats around to 3-4 monthly (indoor) destinations in the Spring and early Summer and culminates with a benefit dinner and auction in July. You can see a pic of my “Frida Kat-lo” design above and all of this year’s designs can be found at: http://denvercatcare.blogspot.com/2012/10/meet-2013-tails-of-painted-cats-artists.html?m=1

    I’m taking this opportunity with this public art benefit piece to once again share my process so that you can learn from my mistakes! I’m chronicling each step of the process in prepping, painting, adding sculptural elements, mosaic’ing and finishing off my dear Frida. I haven’t been able to get any of it posted yet, but I hope to very soon. If you’ve heard about things like “Apoxie Sculpt” or “Clay Shay” you won’t want to miss this detailed Step-by-Step! “She” won’t be done until late February/early March, so check back for ongoing updates! Once I get some things uploaded, you can find the series here on my How-To’s page.

    If you’ve had enough of shopping for the holidays, but need a great idea for birthday, anniversary, wedding shower gifts, TileMosaicGirl GIFT CERTIFICATES are always available! Gift certificates can actually be used toward classes or supplies; the recipient’s choice! This is a great way to edge that reluctant person you know into taking a workshop or class with you! Available in any dollar amount and can be made to include class fees only or class + materials kit fees. Just contact me and we can arrange the entire thing through email! I can send you a pretty e-version or an even nicer paper version through snail mail!

    As always, if you need some input, information, direction, referrals, or advice on a mosaic project, feel free to email me and I’ll be glad to help!
    THANK YOU so very much for all your support, patronage, and inspiration!

    Krystie Rose  :)


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    FYI, everyone; I’ve posted the April and May Open Studio & Supply Shop hours on the “Supply Shop” page. Remember that Open Studio Time is available for you to come start a new mosaic or work on an existing piece. You don’t have to have taken a Beginner’s class at all or through me, but you should be operating at a minimum of a beginner’s level, because Open Studio Time does not include teaching. It does, however, include almost everything you need to work on mosaics: ceramic & glass tiles (others available in the Supply Shop at an extra cost), adhesives, tools, supplies, grout, sealer, etc. for only $10 an Hour! Either bring your own base/substrate or buy one there at a nice low cost. I have frames, mirrors, boxes, plaques, decorative birdhouses, etc. available.

    If you’re looking for some instructional mosaic time, we can put together a class or a group event or party with as few as 4 people (adults or kids). Contact me and we can discuss your needs and what dates and times will work. This is great for “Girls Nite Out” type events, birthday parties, clubs, etc.  Or, if you and 3 or more friends or family members want your own, private class in one of my ongoing areas or another, we can customize it to your desires.

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    I’m SO excited to announce that we now have a shop for mosaic classes, studio time, and supplies in Denver…TileMosaicGirl at Pot-Luck, the Pottery Painting Place!  The shop is right on CO Blvd., in the U. Hills area. It’s in the front of the parking lot of the old U. Hills Shopping Center, the one with ACE Hardware and Jo-Ann Fabrics.  TileMosaicGirl at Pot-Luck, the Pottery Painting Place, will offer Mosaic Classes, Open Studio Time, and a Supply Shop. “Opening” date will be Thursday, February 24, 2011. The TMG shop will be the ONLY place in Denver where you can get ALL the supplies and materials necessary to make mosaics in one location.  Until now, mosaic crafters and artists have had to go to a minimum of 4-5 different stores (more if they were watching price), just to get the supplies they needed to make mosaics. Now, you’ll be able to find everything from tiles and goodies to decorate your mosaics to the adhesives and grout to glue ‘em down and finish them off, all in one place!

    The Supply Shop will be open during Mosaic Studio Time hours, Mosaic Classes, and by appt. The comprehensive selection will include: glass vitreous tiles, metallic veined tiles, deep color “crystal” glass tiles, glitter tiles, smalto tiles, glass gems and shapes, stained glass tiles, ceramic and Mexican tiles, Van Gogh tiles, millefiori, china, beads, mosaic jewelry supplies, mirror tiles, and misc. found objects and toys. Mosaic bases, adhesives, grouts, tools, colorants, and sealers round out the selection. Prices are very good; much better than ordering online, having to meet order minimums, and paying shipping! Several package sizes of each item will be available so that you don’t have to commit to large quantities of one item.  At the TMG Supply Shop, you can get the materials you want in the sizes you need at an exellent price! Starting date is Thursday, Feb. 24th, after I get back from the natl. mosaic conference with all kinds of new supplies and expertise!

    Mosaic Studio Time is open-ended time for you* to work on mosaics in a space besides your home, where all the supplies and materials you need are on hand and you don’t have to worrry about getting your house ‘mucked up’. All basic tesserae (tiles, etc.) included, as well as adhesives, grout, sealer, tools, supplies, etc. Everything is included, except you bring your own base or buy a low-cost one there. Come have space to work, hang out w/ other fun mosaic people, and make a mess somewhere other than in your dining room! Studio time is $10 an hour.

    Mosaic Studio Time HOURS are:
    Mondays from 11 am to 3 pm and
    Thursdays from 11 am to 3 pm
    and By Appointment

    At least 1 weekend day a month and 2 weeknights a month willl also be scheduled; check out Calendar page for current month’s dates/times.

    * Please note: Mosaic Studio Time is not a class and does not include teaching time; participants should have taken a Beginner’s Mosaic class (anywhere) and/or be at least a Beginner’s level mosaic crafter to use Studio Time.

    Mosaic Classes offered at the TileMosaicGirl shop are:
    Beginner’s Mosaics
    Tempered Glass (“Crash Glass”) Mosaics
    Mosaic Jewelry

    Cutting & Shaping Tiles for Mosaic Design
    Continuing Mosaics
    Garden/Outdoor Mosaics
    Special, Introductory no-artistic-skills-required, “MAKE A MOSAIC!” Sessions!

    (These “MAKE A MOSAIC!” sessions will be perfect for those friends and family members you have that think they don’t have an artistic bone in their body but want to get out and do something fun, quick, easy, and inexpensive. Very similar to what they do at Canvas & Cocktails or Sipping & Painting…everyone works on the same simple base and leaves class with a completed mosaic that’s either ungrouted style, they can easily grout at home, or they can leave to get grouted.)


    (Long-awaited, big demand)…Tempered (“Crash Glass”) Mosaics…Thursday, March 10 & 17th, 5:30 to 8:30 pm

    Beginner’s Mosaics…Sunday Evenings, March 13, 20, & 27th, 5-8 pm

    There will be a registration function on the “Classes”  page here soon, so that you may register for these classes. Class sizes are kept deliberately small so that Krystie Rose has enough time with each student for the help that they need  to learn the ‘awesome art of mosaics’!

    TileMosaicGirl at Pot-Luck, the Pottery Painting Place

    2620 S. Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO, 80222

    720-435-3057 / tilemosaicgirl@gmail.com

    Also on Facebook & Twitter!

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    New Fair Display Walls!!

    OMG! I am SO excited! I found some great stuff today on my latest trip to the Habitat for Humanity Resale Store in Denver.  (They have stores located across the U.S. and Canada, all of which benefit Habitat for Humanity’s excellent program.)  I often find great grout, caulk, and tiles at the Resale Store, much of it donated from home improvement stores when the manufacturer decides the new season calls for a new shade of ‘white’.  This time, I was looking for something to use as a fixture in my upcoming summer fair booth that I could hang my mosaics on; like a vertical wall that’s freestanding.

    Well, hallelujah, I’m here to tell ya, I found the PERFECT thing for it and I am SO excited! It’s a brand new set of bi-fold doors; 2 sets of 2 doors adjoined by hinges, that can stand upright very well, but I’ll hit Depot for some kind of L-brackets to mount on the bottoms so they have some support on the floor for the weight of the mosaics.  These ones are perfect because they’re brand new, unfinished, completely flat surfaced, and 6 feet, 8 inches tall!!!  And, for a zippy lil price of $45 for all 4 doors, they more than fit into my fair ‘budget’.  I thought I would share this ‘find’ of both the display option and the Habitat stores, if you weren’t already aware.

    Closer-up of new display walls

    I also scored an awesome wooden display cube that I can use as a riser or a double shelf for displaying tabletop items.  This one’s great because the depth on it is at least 12″, which is much larger than most riser-type fixtures.  And, at $5.00, ya can’t beat that!One more thing I found myself not being able to leave at the store was the most awesome, super-duper, cool, yummy-rific, bright baby blue, ceramic, completely in great shape, TOILET!  Yes; you heard it here; I AM going to mosaic a toilet and put it in my backyard!  The tank’s going to become a planter and the bowl will either be a birdbath or have a fountain in it!  It was only $35!  I canNOT wait to be able to start gluin’ on that baby after the fair and get it in the yard for summer!!!

    My Glorious New Blue Yard Toiley! (Pre-Mosaic’d)

    In case you think I’ve totally gone off my rocker and will never come back from some new “She’s Gone to Weirdo Trailer Trash Artist Land”, I’m including some pics here of other glorious, wonderful mosaic’d toilets that some other mosaic wackos did before I ever decided to go down that slippery slope (…no pun intended…?); Check ‘em out…

    'Fish Bowl' by Jean Wells

    Barbie Pink Toilet

    Garden-y Mosaic Toilet

    Fun Sunny Mosaic Toilet!

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    I’ll be posting LOTS of photos, information, ‘reports’, suppliers, and resources from the 2010 Society of American Mosaic Artists conference I attended in Chicago the week before last, starting with this short report…

    I’m happy to report that my Art Salon piece, titled, “The Unknown” (question mark mosaic in pic; not the white background; that’s supposed to represent how it would hang on a wall; better pic of it on my Gallery page), sold to a gallery in Canada, outside Toronto, the Maplestone Gallery; www.maplestonegallery.com! Yey! SO Fun! I see a lot of their stuff is very bright like my piece, which makes it interesting.  I also see that they offer a variety of mosaic classes, in case you’re able to attend.  Check them out; I met Aiken, the co-owner along with Suzanne (who looks like she does FAB mosaic work), and he was really nice! I bet their classes are great! I see they are also offering a special visiting Artist workshop with wonderful mosaic artist Carol Shelkin in August; sign up now; she is VERY popular and her work is fantastic (see her piece below from the Mosaic Art International 2010 Exhibition)!  Anyone who’s attended or knows the gallery, please feel free to post your feedback here!

    "Fabulous Hair" by Carol Shelkin

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