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Tile, Glass, and Mixed Media Mosaic Artwork and Classes. TileMosaicGirl, local Superhero, is here to help YOU learn all you can about mosaics, and not the way she did; you will learn without all the trial and error she went through, because YOU will have learned from her mistakes! Follow her adventures here and learn some great mosaic stuff!
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    SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAbeg class done 3 11Mosaic Classes offered at TileMosaicGirl include:
    * Beginner’s Mosaics
    *”Soft European Ceramic Tile Mosaics”
    *Outdoor/Garden Mosaics

    Classes offered less often, and according to demand via waiting lists or custom groups include:
    *Tempered Glass (“Crash Glass”) Mosaics
    *Mosaic Jewelry
    *Cutting & Shaping Tiles for Mosaic Design
    *Continuing Mosaics
    *Introductory, no-artistic-skills-required, “Make a Mosaic Quickie!” Workshops!

    (These “Make a Mosaic Quickie!” sessions are perfect for those friends and family members you have that think they don’t have an artistic bone in their body but want to get out and do something fun, quick, easy, and inexpensive. Very similar to what they do at Canvas & Cocktails or Sipping & Painting…everyone works on the same simple base and leaves class with a completed mosaic that’s either a grouted style, an ungrouted style, or one they can easily grout at home)



    (click on Class title for more information and online registration)

    Beginner’s Mosaics Class

    “Soft European Ceramic Tile Mosaics” Class

    Outdoor/Garden Mosaics Class

    CLASS REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN! TO REGISTER; Please click on the class title where you will redirect to that class’ page that has online registration links.

    You will pay securely online through EventBrite and PayPal; you don’t need a PayPal account or even a credit card to pay securely online through PayPal.

    Class sizes are kept deliberately small so that the instructor has enough time with each student for the help that they need to learn the ‘awesome art of mosaics’! Classes are filled first come, first served in registrations!

    TileMosaicGirl classes and workshops are held in a private studio/class space in the SouthWest Lakewood area. Address and directions are provided a few days before the start of the first class session.

    720-435-3057 / tilemosaicgirl@gmail.com

    Also on Facebook & Twitter!

    Please note in regard to Class Schedules:

    I am only able to hold 2-3 Beginner’s Mosaics classes per year with my current commitments, so don’t delay in registering if you are interested. I also typically hold 1 to 2 Outdoor/Garden Mosaics classes per year and will probably hold 1 to 2 “Soft European Ceramic Tile Mosaics” classes per year. Tempered/”Crash” Glass Mosaics, Mosaic Jewelry, and Continuing Mosaics classes are held according to demand, so please contact me if you are interested in these classes so that I can create a waiting list.

    Also; please note: I am not able to individually respond to emails asking when I will be having my next class(es). Please sign up for my email list to receive first notification of any new classes being scheduled, or check here regularly.  I only send 0-2 emails a month, so you won’t be bombarded with messages, and I never share my email list with anyone.

    Student Comments;

    “This was a great class–I can hardly wait to try another piece at home!”; Jennifer, Littleton, CO.

    “Krystie Rose obviously loves what she does as an artist and her enthusiasm was evident in her teaching”; Sheila, Littleton, CO

    “Krystie Rose is GREAT! She shared Everything she knows, was exact, encouraging, thorough, and very easygoing”, Kate, Denver, CO.

    Go to “Photos and Info. from Past Classes” to see past sudents, their projects, and what they had to say!


    I am also available for small group classes at my studio/shop in West Lakewood. I can arrange for a mosaic class topic of interest to you and your group, with as few as FOUR PEOPLE! GREAT idea for Girls Night Outs, book clubs, arts groups, meetups, interactive baby and bridal showers, housewarming parties, and all sorts of other ways to get together, have fun, and “glue some sh*t down”!

    Rates can be as low as or less than regular class rates, depending on what kinds of things you want to make, how many hours or sessions, etc. Contact me and let’s discuss your ideas and putting together a fun event for you and your group!



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  • Hello,
    My friend and I are in Vail, Colorado and would like to take a one or two day class, preferably on Saturdays. Do you offer anything like that, or know of someone who does? Thanks so much…hope to meet you and make a project myself!
    Traci Sessions
    (970) 343 – 0213

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