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Tile, Glass, and Mixed Media Mosaic Artwork; Private, Commercial, and Public Mosaic Projects. TileMosaicGirl, local Superhero, is here to help YOU learn all you can about mosaics, and not the way she did; you will learn without all the trial and error she went through, because YOU will have learned from her mistakes! Follow her adventures here and learn some great tips!
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    New Fair Display Walls!!

    OMG! I am SO excited! I found some great stuff today on my latest trip to the Habitat for Humanity Resale Store in Denver.  (They have stores located across the U.S. and Canada, all of which benefit Habitat for Humanity’s excellent program.)  I often find great grout, caulk, and tiles at the Resale Store, much of it donated from home improvement stores when the manufacturer decides the new season calls for a new shade of ‘white’.  This time, I was looking for something to use as a fixture in my upcoming summer fair booth that I could hang my mosaics on; like a vertical wall that’s freestanding.

    Well, hallelujah, I’m here to tell ya, I found the PERFECT thing for it and I am SO excited! It’s a brand new set of bi-fold doors; 2 sets of 2 doors adjoined by hinges, that can stand upright very well, but I’ll hit Depot for some kind of L-brackets to mount on the bottoms so they have some support on the floor for the weight of the mosaics.  These ones are perfect because they’re brand new, unfinished, completely flat surfaced, and 6 feet, 8 inches tall!!!  And, for a zippy lil price of $45 for all 4 doors, they more than fit into my fair ‘budget’.  I thought I would share this ‘find’ of both the display option and the Habitat stores, if you weren’t already aware.

    Closer-up of new display walls

    I also scored an awesome wooden display cube that I can use as a riser or a double shelf for displaying tabletop items.  This one’s great because the depth on it is at least 12″, which is much larger than most riser-type fixtures.  And, at $5.00, ya can’t beat that!One more thing I found myself not being able to leave at the store was the most awesome, super-duper, cool, yummy-rific, bright baby blue, ceramic, completely in great shape, TOILET!  Yes; you heard it here; I AM going to mosaic a toilet and put it in my backyard!  The tank’s going to become a planter and the bowl will either be a birdbath or have a fountain in it!  It was only $35!  I canNOT wait to be able to start gluin’ on that baby after the fair and get it in the yard for summer!!!

    My Glorious New Blue Yard Toiley! (Pre-Mosaic’d)

    In case you think I’ve totally gone off my rocker and will never come back from some new “She’s Gone to Weirdo Trailer Trash Artist Land”, I’m including some pics here of other glorious, wonderful mosaic’d toilets that some other mosaic wackos did before I ever decided to go down that slippery slope (…no pun intended…?); Check ‘em out…

    'Fish Bowl' by Jean Wells

    Barbie Pink Toilet

    Garden-y Mosaic Toilet

    Fun Sunny Mosaic Toilet!

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