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Tile, Glass, and Mixed Media Mosaic Artwork; Private, Commercial, and Public Mosaic Projects. TileMosaicGirl, local Superhero, is here to help YOU learn all you can about mosaics, and not the way she did; you will learn without all the trial and error she went through, because YOU will have learned from her mistakes! Follow her adventures here and learn some great tips!
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    New jewelry blanks at Hobby Lobby

    New Bracelet blanks at Hobby Lobby

    Yep; you read that right! Last week I found some awesome new jewelry blanks (or ‘bezels’) at Hobby Lobby and this week they’re on sale for 50% off (through Sat. 5/22 only!)!!!  YEY!  These ones are GREAT for mosaic jewelry cuz they have deeper bezels than just a flat plate.  I’ve included some pics here; they include pendant blanks, super cool bracelets, earring blanks (incl. clip ons), and, esp. some awesome new hair pins, barettes, and ponies w/ deep bezels!  The price range is only $ 1.47 – $2.99 and that’s BEFORE the 50% off sale this week!

    This is GREAT news for those of you that can’t afford to make a big online order or don’t qualify for wholesale prices, or just need some jewelry blanks last minute.  So; head on down to your local Hobby Lobby; I looked it up and they have stores in 35 states (but, alas, no West Coast states; sorry my many wonderful friends there!)!  Grab some, get ur tube of E6000 (epoxy) glue if you don’t have it already, their ear wires & chains are also 50% off, and some millefiori, tile, glass, polymer clay, or paper designs & resin, and GO TO TOWN!

    New Hair Jewelry Blanks at Hobby Lobby

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    Hey, Everyone!  I just wanted to give a special “heads up” that I was in Hobby Lobby yesterday and they had marked down a huge selection of “home decor” items to 80% OFF their original price!!! LOVE those sales!  I found SO many great things to use as mosaic bases; wall hooks that had a flat base, keepsake boxes, frames, vases, a stool, some huge rooster wall hangings, etc., etc.  Everything ranged in price from $1.40 to $8.00!  They also now have their remaining Valentine’s stuff marked down 66% off original price; some great pieces to use in broken ceramic mosaics or for show booth decor and/or containers.  Also some good bases in the Valentine’s stuff like wall plaques, large, recessed metal ‘bottle caps’, etc.

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    Found out some good info. this week I wanted to pass on…

    1) This year, Hobby Lobby will only run their 40% off coupons in local papers or via their email lists every OTHER week. So; if you don’t want to pay full price for something not on sale, get it on the week with the coupon. This week (Jan. 25-30) is a NO coupon week, so next week there should be a coupon again.

    2) I’ve found that many people don’t know that you can sign up for emails from Hobby Lobby and they email you the ad and the coupon every week (coupon every other week currently). Then, you can print out as many of the coupons as you want and use once each day of the week if you want (or, if you’re in major metro area like me, with several Hobby Lobby’s, you can use one coupon per visit per store).

    3) I found out this week that there is a 40% off one regular price item for Hobby Lobby that prints out on the backs of TCF bank receipts. If you can use any ATM with your bank or are a TCF customer, you can get the coupon!

    4) You can also sign up to receive emails from Michaels and supposedly they send you coupons even on the week that they don’t have a coupon in their Sunday paper ad. However; I’ve had real problems getting regular emails from them and I have no idea why. They show that I’m signed up and everything, yet, no coupons. When I have time or care to deal with it, I guess I will. In the meantime, if anyone knows the “trick” to getting them, please let me know!

    5) ALSO found out this week (thanks, Kayla!) that Michaels is now accepting Hobby Lobby coupons. So; see #2 above, and go crazy at Michaels too! Sweet!

    6) Sometimes I forget how much cool craft, art, and jewelry stuff that Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts has, but I do receive their weekly emails, which inclue awesome coupons; always at least 40-50% off! They pretty much always have a coupon going if you’re getting the emails, and, again, print as many as you want, and just use ‘em on different visits!

    7) One more thing re; Michaels coupons; I’ve discovered that they will accept both the coupon from the weekly ad AND one of the coupons that they give you from the register receipt in one transaction, so that’s cool!

    8) You can use coupons on books and magazines at Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann’s, but not at Michaels.

    Any other deals or suggestions you might have for arts, crafts, and jewelry deals, please post ‘em here or email me!

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