It is with a heavy heart that I need to announce that I have decided to take an indefinite break from teaching classes here in Denver. I have been pretty overloaded for some time and have decided that I need to take this step in order to work on developing my art and various commercial and public art projects. I will add a list of mosaic classes available¬† in the Denver area, Colorado, the USA, and internationally on my “Classes” page soon. I have been an educator throughout my life and love teaching, especially sharing the joy and satisfaction I get from creating mosaics. I would like to thank the 100’s (maybe 1,000?) students I have worked with over the past 5 years. May you go on to “glue some sh*t down” in the loveliest of ways!¬† Please wish me luck in this next venture in this “artist’s life”! I am eternally grateful!

I am embarking on a long-awaited vacation to Barcelona, Spain where I look forward to seeing and learning more about the amazing mosaics of Antoni Gaudi and other modernism artists and architects. Please look here and/or on my Facebook page for lots and lots of wonderful photos by the end of September!