New Softer, Thinner Ceramic Tiles from Europe!

The Mosaic Supply Shop will be OPEN tomorrow, Sunday, 10/23, from 3:00-4:00 pm and again from 8:15-8:45 pm.   (These hours are so funky b/c they’re before and at the end of a Beginner’s Mosaics class.) I have had to take a hard look at my workload and schedule and have decided that I will change Supply Shop and Open Studio hours for November/December to be By Request Only. This does not mean you have to meet a big minimum to have me come open things, just that I want to make sure that I’m only going when people really need me there and that I’m getting enough time to work on other things that need workin’ (like GLUIN’!)!  (This will include NOT being open this coming Wednesday, October 26, as I had posted; I’ve changed it now). Please just try to give me as much notice as you can (by phone, email, or Facebook) for when you want to come in to shop the Supply Shop and/or do Open Studio time, and I think we can make it work (minimum a day, the further ahead the better for me to be able to make it)!  Especially for you out-of-towners; make sure and let me know you’re coming; I want to make sure you can get what you want when you’re here!  I’ll make sure, too, to add time before each upcoming class to have it open, so that’ll be posted well ahead of time. And, if there are enough students in the upcoming Make a Holiday Mosaic Gift” workshops that want an Open Studio time shortly thereafter to finish up their pieces more, we can make that happen.

I want to share exciting news about Supply Shop items…I have MANY new millefiori patterns and sizes and colors that I have never had before; they’re really cool! And, super exciting, is the new, beautiful, bright-colored ceramic tile I’ve gotten in from Europe; they’re thinner and softer than the ones here and they cut and shape amazingly easy!!! For those of you (like me) that have always wanted to do more w/ ceramic tile in mosaics, these babies are the answer!  (See artist Flair Robinson on Facebook or Flickr to see examples of the amazing pieces she creates with these tiles!)  They come in 6×6″ tiles only, but an amazing array of colors. And, I’ve got sampleboards w/ all the colors, so if there’s something you want that I don’t have, we’ll just add it to the next order and get it in! Lastly, I still have a fair amount of the wonderful Van Gogh and mirror glass tiles, diamonds and super thin “toothpicks” that everyone seems to love and lots of glass gems in different colors, shapes and sizes that I’ve marked down to $1.00 per 1 pound!!

Please let me know if you see any difficulties in these plans as far as your needs for mosaics and holiday gifts and we’ll go from there. I’ll have the Make a Holiday Mosaic Gift workshops posted really soon and those will be terrific for making your holiday mosaic gifts in one session, everyone making the same item at once, having a great time!  Thanks, as always, for all of your wonderful support and encouragement!

More Colors of NEW European Ceramic Tiles